Upgrade & Save

Terms And Conditions

1. Current Qualico Community Calgary Region is defined as Evanston, Redstone, Ravenswood, Crestmont, Harmony and Dawson’s Landing.
2. The completed Qualico Communities 4 Life form must be completed and submitted with a builder in a Qualico Community. 
3. This offer is only available to a firm sale of a home from a customer living in a current Qualico Community Calgary Region and purchasing a new home from a builder in another current Qualico Community Calgary Region. Home types applicable include duplex home, laned home, front garage home, semi-estate home, estate home and lake front estate home. This offer is not applicable to a purchase of a condo or townhome.
4. The $2000 cash reward will be paid to Qualico Communities 4 Life customer after the customer has taken possession of their new home by a builder in a current Qualico Community Calgary Region.
5. This developer offer can be combined with builder promotions, but cannot be combined with any other developer incentives such as a lot incentive, Qualico Communities Friends & Family Benefits Program, or Qualico Communities Ultimate Move in Package.
6. In realtor assisted deals, realtors cannot redeem the reward as the reward only goes to the purchaser.
7. It is the responsibility of the person claiming the cash reward as income under Canada Revenue Guidelines.
8. Program can be subject to change without notice.
9. Program is effective May 1, 2019, therefore, only deals written on or after May 1, 2019 apply.